Meet Carrot

Carrot is a revolutionary new program that tracks driving behaviour and rewards new drivers for safe driving. Carrot is brought to you by InsureMy, an insurance brokerage that makes new driver insurance easy and affordable.

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Meet Carrot

Driving with Carrot and Covered by InsureMy

Carrot uses technology called telematics that collects driving data from the easy-to-use Carrot smartphone app. The app tracks driving behaviour, and InsureMy rewards safe driving with up to $200 cash. It’s almost like having a responsible passenger on-board who throws you some gas money when you arrive safely. Plus, enrollment gets you a 10% discount on car insurance policies through InsureMy.



When you’re driving, safety is always important, and we know a little incentive goes a long way. Giving new and first time drivers a reason to drive safely means everyone wins.



Through InsureMy, new drivers get 10% off their car insurance premium just for enrolling with Carrot, and can earn up to $200 in cold, hard cash for safe driving (actually we send out a prepaid credit card, but you get the picture).

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

If you’re a new driver, Carrot’s got your back. If you’re a parent, you get peace of mind knowing that InsureMy’s insurance coverage is solid and that Carrot is an on-board co-pilot telling you how your teen is doing on the open road.



Telematics! It's the fancy tech we use to send your driving data from the Carrot app on your smartphone back to us. The app connects to your vehicle with Bluetooth, or if your car isn’t Bluetooth enabled we’ll give you a small on-board device we call a Wingman, so Carrot can track driving behaviour. More...

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Feedback Friendly

The Carrot app monitors things like speed, cornering and braking. Carrot won’t be a backseat driver, but the app gives feedback on driving habits so new drivers can see where they can improve to become better drivers and parents can see how their new driver is doing. More...

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Data in the Palm of Your Hand

The Carrot app’s dashboard makes it easy to keep track of the driving style score, and it lets young drivers and their parents see areas of improvement. Plus, it tracks how much moolah you’re on track to earn. More...

Rewards Card

Sweet Rewards

The driver scorecard determines the amount of cash rewards you get. The better the score, the more money you earn. So with Carrot, it literally pays to drive safely. More...

Icon for Safer Roads

Safer Roads

Since Carrot’s successful launch across the pond, their new drivers in the UK have been involved in 42% fewer accidents. We Canadians may drive on the other side of the road, but we’re pretty sure we can make roads safer here too.

Icon for Happy New Drivers

Happy New Drivers

We don’t want car insurance to feel out of reach for new drivers. InsureMy offers competitive rates and discounts for signing up. Between the great prices and rewards for safe driving, new drivers love to drive with Carrot.

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Confidence with Carrot On-Board

When new drivers drive with Carrot, everyone can rest easy. Parents can coach using real driving data, and new drivers get cash for driving safely. Win-win!

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