3 Things That Can Cut Your Cost For New Driver Insurance

Many people view insurance costs as a necessary evil, especially new drivers who may find it more difficult to get affordable coverage due to their less established driving histories. New drivers are viewed as higher risk drivers, and insurers don’t like risky behaviour.

What are some things that you can do to reduce risk and cut insurance costs every year? As a rule, driving well, looking for discounts, and taking a defensive driving course can all move you down the right road.


Keeping a clean driving record will do wonders for your insurance premiums because violations (tickets or accidents) can add demerits (a point system that ranks driving performance) to your license. As you accumulate them, your insurance will view you as risky and costs may rise like air on a hot day.

If you want to learn more about Alberta’s demerit system, you can read the Complete Guide to Alberta Demerit Points.

On the other hand, if a new driver takes a driving safety course or at least has had good instruction, their driving record can stay “Car wash” clean. This will eventually mean insurance discounts, and you can reinforce those safe driving skills with driver technology like Carrot!


Two is better than one. That’s a good policy to have when you’re a new driver who’s looking to save on car insurance and are willing to dig for some discounts that may involve being a student, being added to a multi-vehicle policy, or simply choosing the right car.

A new driver can join forces on an insurance policy to bring costs down as an occasional driver or secondary driver. Not only that, but if your teen is away at school or is doing well at school for grades, some insurance companies offer a Resident Student Discount.

When someone is willing to add another car to their policy, first-time drivers can benefit from the discounts that come with these multi-policy insurance plans. Besides what we recommend in this article, you can find out more about getting a good driver discount here!

Lastly, the type of car you drive tells the insurance company how much it will cost them to insure you. It’s best to look for cars that are between the 6 and 10 year old mark, with some exceptions like Hondas or other reliable vehicles. These should have airbags and safety features like ABS. All-Wheel Drive doesn’t hurt either when you’re applying for insurance. If you’re looking, here are five affordable cars for a student budget.

If you’re a new driver with only a few miles to your name, it may take some time to qualify for these deep discounts. But there’s hope! You can take driver school training to get a head start before you even get your class 5 license.


Overconfidence plus inexperience may cause new drivers to get into accidents. But not to worry! There are courses that teach preventative skills on the road so you’re less likely to have an accident and can benefit from reduced demerits.

Defensive driving can help reduce insurance by hundreds of dollars as a new driver because insurance companies will see you as a responsible, conscientious driver on the roads. When another car swerves into your lane, cuts you off, or unexpectedly runs a red light, you’ll be prepared and that gives insurance companies peace of mind.

A few options you can think about in Calgary and Edmonton. When you’re done, you’ll get 3 demerits off your abstract and learn about safety, statistics, and risk taking:

You can learn more about driver training here, why driving schools are helpful, and how to choose the right one.



There are lots of ways to reduce your insurance costs as a new driver, but these are some of the most effective. Sometimes you can renegotiate your premium or deductible (how much you pay before the insurance company pays for an accident) every year, but you just can’t beat practicing on the roads, getting experience, and taking a defensive driving course.


Oh and there’s one more way to give insurance companies (and you) peace of mind! Drive with Carrot uses driver technology to help improve everyday driving for new drivers. This means that your insurance can cost you less because it teaches every driver with a scorecard how they did on corners, intersections, speed control - and you’ll get cash rewards to drive safe!



Carrot is as easy to use as 123:

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