Congrats! You Got Your License - Here's What's Next!

Congratulations! 🎉🚗You’ve done it!

You just got your Alberta Class 5 driver’s license and you’re ready to hit the open road. But if we got ahead of ourselves and you don’t have one yet, here is How To Ace Your Driver’s Test.

From now on, the Alberta Government website says you can drive:

  • A 2-axle single motor vehicle, or in simpler terms a car
  • A motor home without air brakes unless you hold an air brake certificate
  • A trailer with one or more axles if the trailer is not equipped with air brakes
  • A moped, recreational vehicle, or any combination of recreational vehicles and a trailer, if the trailer has 2 axles or less, and isn’t equipped with air brakes

And even though you now have your license, in order to be truly road-ready, you need to be insured.


It may seem expensive, but that’s because a lot of accidents (about 25% of all accidents with injuries) are caused by 16-24 year olds, who only make up 9% of all drivers.

Aside from the 3 Things that can cut your insurance cost, here are three more things you need to get insured:

A. Get Your Quote

When applying for insurance, make sure you give full, accurate and honest answers to all questions so the insurance company can provide you with an accurate quote. Have this info handy:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your driver test details (date passed, penalties, etc.)
  • The make and model or the registration for the car you want insured
  • Check if the car has been modified
  • Try to estimate how many miles per year you’ll be driving
  • Who will be the main driver?
  • Where it will be stored ?
  • Are you going back to school or working? If so, what job?

B. Get Your Policy

Once you’ve bought your policy, you’ll need to send the following documents to validate your information:

  • A picture of your full driving license, front and back
  • Proof of any driving school discounts you might have been given
  • Send your documents by email or in person


C. Bundle Up

Some insurance companies will give discounts if you’re joining your family’s plan. You can also get more experience and driving history as an occasional driver under your parent’s policy if you’re not ready to get a car.

*Don’t have insurance yet or are looking? If you sign up with our insurance provider, you can get 10% OFF your premium. Pretty sweet! Ready for a quote? It’s super easy so let’s Get Started.



If you’re planning to get a car of your own, be sure to check out the inventory so you can start building a good credit score and insurance record.

Keep in mind that it’s important you have a well-oiled machine running on the road to avoid breakdowns, so here is a checklist to get familiar with:

  • Use the right gas indicated in the owner’s manual, gas cap, or on the engine itself
  • Keep track of maintenance schedules
  • Check and change the oil regularly (typically 6,000 to 8,000 km for most vehicles)
  • Check the brake fluid and coolant
  • Know how to check tire pressure and refill it
  • Understand how to jump start your car (especially important for our cold Alberta winters) 
  • Add windshield washer fluid
  • Get familiar with the location of the jack, spare tire, and lug wrench and how to put them to use

In case you’re unsure about some of these maintenance “Must-Knows”, we put together a Basic Car Maintenance Checklist every new car owner will benefit from.

Aside from that, you’ll want to start building up your driving confidence.


When you’re first starting out, confidence can be hard to come by. These tips should help:

  • Practice x3: Start small if you’re not completely comfortable with highways or parking in traffic by pushing your comfort zone little by little until your fear factor is gone. That might mean working on your parallel park even though your exam is done.
  • Be careful who you drive with: Some passengers can peer pressure you into making bad driving decisions.
  • Try different types of terrain: Dirt, snow, and gravel can improve your confidence than just driving on pavement all the time.
  • Drive other cars: Other kinds of cars are useful for suspension, driveability, turning radius, parking and other differences that will put your confidence to the test.

We’re happy to hear you’ve gotten your license and are ready to hit the road. Drive healthy, and if you’d like some rewards along the way, you can try the Carrot app.



Carrot is as easy to use as 123:

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  3. Buckle up and start getting cash rewards for driving smart!

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