How Does Carrot Make Roads Safer for New Drivers?

With Carrot technology, it not only pays to drive safely but has been making for safer roads overall. When new drivers and their parents keep an eye on their Driving Scorecard, which measures driving habits like acceleration, braking, and cornering, it’s easy to spot areas for improvement.

In fact, the technology found in Carrot has won an award for road safety in telematics in the UK, accredited to a 42% drop in accidents over one year among policyholders using Telematics. That’s why we’ve brought the same technology to Canada to help reduce collision among new and young Canadian drivers.

Here’s how:

Step 1 - Telematics

Simply put, telematics is like a Fitbit for your vehicle. This technology can send, receive, and store information from a remote source, in this case being your Drive With Carrot app. The app itself connects to your vehicle via Bluetooth, or via Wingman, an onboard-device for vehicles without Bluetooth, giving you accurate data on your driving habits. It is a form of Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) and shows you how your on-road behaviour is affecting your insurance premium.

And younger drivers are slowly warming up to the technology, watch our superhero Carrot in action here.

According to the Towers Watson study, 84 percent of millennials said they would be willing to completely change their driving behaviour to benefit the most from usage-based insurance. Looking to other age groups, only about half said they’d be willing to make that important adjustment in how they drive on a daily basis.

Now how does it boost healthier new driver habits?

Step 2 - Building Healthier Habits with Rewards

Healthy habits are key to healthy driving and safer roads. We have found out that rewarding good behaviour (for teens especially) is more effective than punishing bad behaviour when teaching better driving habits. This is why we included an insurance rewards system in Carrot that rewards good driving every quarter with cash.

Every driver using Carrot can get up to $50 every three months of good driving and qualify for 10% off their InsureMy policy as part of our goal to reduce risky driving and increase healthy habits.

Forbes has said that risky driving drops because of apps like ours:

Without much question (and with a nod to Sir Jackie), I think the leading benefit will be improved driver safety—even more than the economic gains. Consumers will be able to receive feedback on their actual driving behaviour through data collected from their vehicles. When passed through a data exchange, this information can help flag unsafe driving patterns and potentially encourage them to modify any risky behaviour on the road.

Plus, Carrot can even let investigators find out what caused an accident after the crash happened.

Now let’s touch on the benefits of an app like Carrot.

Step 3 - The Data-Driven Benefits

By collecting driving data about cornering, braking, speed, location, acceleration and other driving data, we’re able to create a Driver Scorecard that:

  1. Easily facilitates new driver coaching
  2. Empowers new drivers to self-regulate and improve driving behaviour
  3. Allows us to reward safe driving

Without these benefits of data for drivers, teens can be at a higher risk for accidents.

Parachute Canada, a charity dedicated to preventing injury and saving lives, pointed out that,

Teen driver safety is a huge issue in Canada—while young people only make up 13% of licensed drivers, they account for approximately one quarter of all road-related injuries and fatalities.

Thankfully, there are several driving apps out there that help these young drivers. Other than being custom built for new drivers, you can read more about what makes Carrot different from other driving apps.

When you look under the hood, the telematics technology, healthier habits, and data-driven benefits of Carrot, we are proud to be making our Canadian roads more and more safe everyday.

Pssst... If you have more questions on the benefits of Carrot, you can visit our FAQ page.


Carrot is as easy to use as 123:

  1. Enroll with InsureMy (plus get a 10% discount)
  2. Connect your vehicle to the Drive With Carrot App
    a. (Download it on iTunes or Google )
  3. Buckle up and start getting cash rewards for driving smart!

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