How to Move from the Probationary Class 5 to Fully Licenced Class 5

Remember when you started riding your bike without training wheels (or at least without falling)? Moving from your probationary Class 5 licence to being fully licenced is a similar process. Your Fully Licenced Class 5 means that you get more privileges, no more GDL restrictions (finally!), and can upgrade to a commercial licence. Let’s get into the privileges, how it works, and if you’re eligible!


Right now, if you have a Probationary Alberta licence, you’re a bit restricted.

This means:

  • You need to spend a minimum of 2 years as a probationary driver
  • Your licence will be suspended at 8 demerit points compared with fully licenced drivers at 15
  • You must have a zero alcohol level while driving
  • No upgrades to commercial licences (Classes 1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • You can’t be a co-driver to a learner.

On the other hand, if you’re fully licenced, you get the perks of:

  • A licence with no reference to GDL or probationary status.
  • 15 demerit points (7 more than the probationary licence)
  • Helping another driver practice to get their Learner’s Licence
  • Improving your driving resume: it lets you get a commercial licence to be able to drive different types of trucks and cars
  • Plus, if you haven’t yet heard of Carrot, our technology rewards better driving up to $200 in a year and can lower your insurance at the same time

If you’re still unsure about whether to stay a GDL or take the leap, here is how.


drivers license process step by step infographic 

Like anything worth getting, it will require a bit of effort to get your full Class 5 licence. It requires your Class 7, Class 5 GDL, and then an Advanced Road Test, but once all of those are checked off, you’ll be free from your GDL restrictions!

To become a fully licenced driver (Class 5) you’ll need to:

  • Have been suspension-free for the last year of the 2-year Probationary Stage
  • Pass the Alberta Advanced Road Test

Before you take the Advanced Road Test, you’ll want to get your hands on the Alberta Basic Driver’s Handbook to refresh your memory and fit in some more time practicing on the road.

Now the question remains: are you eligible?

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Wondering if you’re eligible for your fully licenced Class 5? You’ll be an eligible driver if you:

  • Have spent at least two years as a probationary driver in the Graduated Driver Licencing program
  • Are free from any suspensions for 12 months before the test

The Advanced Driving Test involves:

  • Making lots of right and left turns
  • Handling different types of intersections
  • Crosswalks, high-speed roadways
  • School zones
  • Uphill parking
  • Parallel parking

If you want to know some of the recent changes to the road test and how much it costs, you can read the New Changes to Alberta’s Road Test.

Ready to test? You can actually book your Advanced Test online.

If you’re still eyeing your full Class 5 Alberta licence, you can learn more about how Carrot can help with your pre-test practice, cash rewards, and lower insurance costs!


Carrot is as easy to use as 123:

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