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With Christmas around the bend and gift spending going up, knowing how you and your young driver can save money can be a breath of fresh air!

Many young drivers who may be students with smaller budgets are asking for ways to save. We take a quick look at conventional and unconventional ways that young drivers can use to dodge runaway vehicle expenses and save.


Often, savings can come by simply choosing the right car. New and Used Cars can make a big impact on how much you spend on your car in the long run. Consumer Reports gives their eight picks for best new driver cars and you can watch this video comparison to get a feel for which meets your specific needs.

Expenses that can hit your bank account square in the jaw include:

  • Accidents that were not your fault: Bumpers and parking lots don’t play nice, so look twice before you back out of that stall!
  • Maintenance: A heater, clutch, or gearbox can cost a pretty penny.
  • Luxury Electronics: A key fob breakdown alone can cost over a hundred dollars. You can imagine what the rest would cost.
  • Parking Permits: These can cost hundreds of dollars each month (see University of Alberta’s Student parking pass pricing).
  • Fluctuating Fuel Prices: These can feel like a seesaw from Summer to Winter. Gas prices can surge to $1.40/litre when you least expect it!


Let’s look at how you can save on car insurance:

  • Driving Record
    You should protect your driving record like you protect your car. We’re a bit biased, but our Carrot tech combined with quarterly cash rewards have helped new drivers get better driving records.
  • Before you Buy, Compare!
    Often a car model, year, mileage, theft history, safety, and cost to repair (among other things) have a part to play in the final cost of insurance. Make sure to do your research in places like the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety that gives free car ratings based on multiple factors that could affect insurance.
  • Ask for A Deductible Deal
    Deductibles are what you pay before your insurance kicks in. The higher the deductible, the lower the monthly insurance payment. In fact, your insurance policy can sometimes drop by 15-30% with a few hundred dollars increase in your deductible.
  • Drop Coverage Like It’s Hot
    Older cars are usually not valuable enough to justify a lot of coverage (i.e. collision or comprehensive coverage). You can check the value of your car at Kelley Blue Book or by scanning similar models on, or using their sweet Car Valuation tool.
  • Credit is King for Insurers
    Insurance companies will look at your credit history to set your insurance payments. So make sure it looks as good as when you wash your car and make payments on time!
  • Check out Other Discounts
    If you keep a squeaky clean new driving record, have a driving training course under your belt, or are a college student, you can really see some savings! Here is a list:
    • Anti-Theft Devices
    • Auto and homeowners coverage with the same company
    • College students away from home
    • Defensive driving courses
    • Drivers ed courses
    • Good credit record
    • Higher deductibles
    • Low annual mileage
    • Long-time customer
    • More than one car
    • No accidents in three years
    • No moving violations in three Years
    • Student drivers with good grades

*Need help choosing the right driver training course? Check out the blog “How To Ace Your Driving Test: Training, Schools, and What To Expect


  • Inflate Your Tires
    GoTire tells us that deflated tires wear down faster and mean bad fuel economy. Probably a good idea to check your tire pressure every now and then.
  • Slow Down
    Apparently anything past 100km/h on a highway reduces fuel efficiency
  • Gas Stations
    If you want to find the best gas prices, you’ll #LOVE the GasBuddy app for its ability to let you know the lowest prices in whichever city or town you live. Oh and if you only fill up your tank 60-70% full, it won’t weigh your car down as much, and you’ll burn less gas.
  • Wheel Alignment
    Misaligned tires can be a real drag and can cut fuel efficiency by 10% - that’s about 31 cents for every gallon! Correct them and start to see the savings roll in!
  • Lighten Up
    If you have unnecessary junk in the trunk of your vehicle, removing it will reduce your gas trips and make your wallet heavier.
  • Parts Apart
    Be wary of certain repair shop quotes for parts since you might be able to find some on Ebay or elsewhere in the world. Just make sure they are certified and match your car model.
  • Tired Tires
    Just like us, our tires can get worn out from too much use. Eventually they don’t stick to the road very well and need changing.
  • Your Driving Style
    We all know style is important, but when it comes to driving, accelerating or braking too fast or too hard can really take its toll on your car. These can reduce your miles per gallon, shrink the lifespan of your brake pads, and hurt your Carrot Scorecard. To save money on gas, repairs, and Carrot insurance, adopting a new style will save you money.



“I don’t like saving money on my car,” said no one ever. We believe all of these money saving tips will work. If they don’t or if you have better ideas, please share them with us with a comment below or on social media by tagging us @drivewithcarrot!

If an insurance policy could save you money and give you more control of your insurance premium, Carrot’s driver insurance puts you in the driving seat of your insurance expenses and dishes out cash rewards for good driving. You can Get Started with a quote or learn more. Either way, our new drivers are driving safer and better every day!


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