A Parents Guide to Choosing a Driving Instructor

Every parent wants their kids to learn from a good teacher in the classroom, so why not do the same for who instructs them from behind the wheel? Choosing the right driving instructor can influence whether or not your new driver develops healthy habits on the road. So picking an instructor that sets as good of an example as you do takes shotgun. Below is a 5-Step Guide to make it easier to choose the right driving instructor for your new driver.

1. Quality of Training

You want an instructor that has a license to teach in Alberta or your province, is friendly and professional, and has the proper teaching experience to properly train and equip your new driver. There are many requirements for driving instructors in Alberta, including a minimum three-year clean driving record, so be sure your instructor checks all the boxes. Because an instructor that can expertly train your new driver on everything, from the basics to evasive maneuvers and sudden stops based on their driving school’s modern curriculum is very important.

For new drivers, Alberta Transportation requires 10 hours of in-vehicle and 15 hours of in-classroom instruction in order to pass and receive a Notice of Driver Education Course Completion from the driving school. With this Notice, your new driver becomes eligible for a discount on insurance.

Here are some Alberta driving education material for your Class 7 or Class 5 driver in training.

2. Safety of Cars Used

Usually driving instructors will have two wheels and two sets of pedals in their vehicles. It’s not that they don’t trust your new driver, it just means that they can take control of the vehicle in case of an emergency.

Some schools offer manual and automatic transmission vehicles. To start, new drivers can ease into their learning with an automatic, but it helps for them to experience driving a manual transmission in case this is the only type of car available in a tight spot.

3. Availability

Driving instructors, just like parents, get busy. Both your new driver and instructor should be reliable, punctual, and flexible with their schedules. If your new driver is taking lessons during the summer, there should be more availability. If it’s during the school year, lunch break and after school driving availability may be less flexible.

Sticking to a regular time for each lesson makes the experience easier and helps schedules line up. Some schools might even offer a discount if you book three or four lessons in advance. Ask how the instructor notifies your new driver of any changes in advance.

4. Price and Cancellation Policy

Try not to choose an instructor based solely on the lowest price: if you choose the less expensive, you risk getting less experience. In other words, reputation, habits, and efficiency in training matter more than price. Choosing based on recommendations from others and good reviews are good ways to determine the best school and instructor for your new driver.

Become familiar with your instructor’s cancellation policy. Knowing whether you need to give 24 or 48 hours notice, if there is an emergency cancellation policy, or even if there is a cancellation fee will help you plan for any situation when your driver can’t make their lesson.

As for a driver training program offered by AMA, they have different packages from Basic, Premium to Ultimate that are offered online or in-class. Check them out here.

5. Location of School

Seeing as how driving schools can sometimes be quite far away, their location matters for multiple lessons, including convenience when it comes to your new driver being able to make it to their lesson. If possible, find a driving school that is near your workplace, home or your new driver’s school. Your new driver may need to coordinate with family and friends to get dropped off or if public transit is available, we recommend they get a bus or train pass.

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