Top Road Trip Destinations in Alberta this Summer

Alberta is full of opportunities for a road trip. If you haven’t experienced many road trips, now is the time to start planning one! Here are some of our top places to visit if you want to make some memories this summer and brush up on your long distance driving skills at the same time.

  1. Banff
    Tourists walk along main street in Banff, AB
    Photo credit: Ada Be via Flickr

    Banff has always been the gem of Alberta’s National Parks and is world renowned for its mountainous views, hiking, and summer or winter sports. It gets the most visitors for any Alberta tourist destination and has all sorts of wildlife like grizzly bears, black bears, mountain goats, wolves, caribou, and elk! If you live in or around Calgary, it’s only a few hours’ drive to take in all the views and activities in Banff. Want to know where to stay? Check out these Banff accommodations!
  2. Lake Louise
    Summer at  Lake Louise, AB with mountains facing bright turquoise lake
    Photo credit: Edwin van Buuringen via Flickr

    Lake Louise is known for its legendary ski resort with skiing for all ages. But in the summer, Lake Louise has a stunning turquoise lake where you can rent a kayak or canoe, or take a stroll along the shoreline. Its village is also full of shops, restaurants, and campgrounds.
  3. Columbia Icefield & Glacier Walkway

    Man facing Columbia Icefield in Banff National Park, AB
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

    If you would like to make a stop that empties your gas tank and your lungs, visit the 230 km stretch of icefields, waterfalls, and glaciers that is the Columbia Icefield between Lake Louise and Jasper. You can see the icefields up close and personal with Glacier Adventure tours. Remember to breathe as the views could leave you breathless.

    Or visit the Glacier Walkway that lets you look down through glass floor panels standing almost a thousand feet above ground.


    Tourists explore the glass walkway atop the Columbia Icefield in Jasper, AB
    Photo credit: Daveynin via Flickr
  4. Writing on Stone

    Girl in sunhat walks along petroglyphs in Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, AB
    Photo credit: Kimberly Der via Instagram

    If this sounds like a legendary scene from Indiana Jones, it’s close. Just outside Milk River Alberta, Writing on Stone Provincial Park has the biggest collection of First Nation petroglyphs and pictographs in North America. They say it’s over 5,000 years old; you can’t miss it!

  5. Highwood Pass - Kananaskis Country, Alberta

    Young female tourist atop Highwood Pass, AB
    Photo credit: Andrea Ference via Instagram

    You can do this pass as a scenic drive, hike, scramble, or even a picnic. Whatever you choose, you’ll be surprised to know that Highwood Pass is Canada’s highest mountain highway. The hike itself only takes three to four hours to complete comfortably, but expect the highway drive to take a full day. Keep in mind that the pass is closed each year from December to June 15 to protect wildlife.

  6. Royal Tyrrell Museum


    Sign announcing Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, AB
    Photo credit: Alberta Wow


    Interpretive talk at Royal Tyrrell Museum, Drumheller, AB
    Photo credit: Travel Alberta
  7. Calgary Stampede

    Wild bronc riding event at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Rodeo, Calgary, AB
    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

    The Calgary Stampede is world famous as the “Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth” for a reason. Expect free ‘Stampede breakfasts’ all over the city, rodeos, cowboy hats, deep fried everything, circus rides, and fun for every day that it runs from July 5-14, 2019. Similar to Carnival in Brazil, the whole city jumps into the festivities that you cannot miss whether you live in Alberta or not!

    Official site:

  8. The Gopher Hole Museum


    Taxidermy gophers in diorama depicting tea party
    Photo credit: Gopher Hole Museum

    As odd as it sounds, the people of Torrington, Alberta have become famous for building dioramas of gophers since 1996 for thousands of tourists to see every year. The Huffington Post actually wrote about the Gopher Hole Museum in 2017 shocked at how much these furry friends live up to matching our daily lives. You get to see these gophers checking the mail, kissing in the moonlight, and stepping up to the plate in hopes of a home run.

    Even if you can’t make a quick stop over while you visit the Rocky Mountains, you can at least see more of the gopher museum photos here.

    Taxidermy gophers in diorama depicting baseball player at bat
    Photo credit: Gopher Hole Museum



A. Plan Your Route

You can use a route planner like to lay out your route and to see all sorts of places, detours, and uncover hidden spots along the way.

B. Pack Up

Make sure you have all the essentials packed up before you hit the road, Jack. Once you’re on the open highway, it’s hard to go back and grab some toilet paper or a flashlight that you’ve forgotten. It’s also more expensive to buy essentials along the way, especially if you’re paying with another currency. showed that:

  • 60% of Americans forget windshield wiper fluid
  • 40% forget jumper cables
  • 39% forget a flashlight
  • 31% forget a cell phone charger

Make sure you pack these too for your Emergency Kit:

  • Booster cables
  • Phone charger
  • Hand/foot warmers
  • Folding shovel
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Multi-tool (pliers, knife etc.)
  • Candles for light & heat
  • Waterproof matches
  • First aid kit
  • Self-powered flashlight
  • Work gloves
  • Paper towel / rags
  • Warm clothing
  • A jug of water
  • Protein bars
  • A warm blanket
  • A local map
  • Duct tape

Or pick up some of these Kits and Accessories from Canadian Tire.

C. Finding Accommodations

If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on accommodations, here are a few other choices:

If you’re asking, “is there enough space for me to sleep in my car?”, it depends on your vehicle. A station wagon or an RV will do the trick, but usually cars don’t have showers, so unless there’s a body of water or a waterfall, we recommend baby wipes in between stops. As for a bed, just make sure your seats can fold down and bring an air mattress.

  • Beneath the Stars

Pack some toiletries and toilet paper and you’re set for some open-air camping, especially during the summer months.

This online bed and breakfast platform is where you can find homeowners renting out their creature comforts like internet access and running water for a lot less than a hotel. Plus, you can meet new people. Just make sure you’re choosing hosts who have good ratings and that you have a co-traveler.

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Whatever your road trip looks like this summer, we hope it’s safe and unforgettable.



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