What Makes Carrot Different From Other Driving Apps?

We often get asked, “So how is Carrot much different from other driving apps?” To which we reply with a smile, “in all the healthy ways”. We really believe in the power of the Carrot app and how it’s saving lives on the roads. Let’s take a look at a few of the other apps out there and how Carrot stacks up in the areas of Telematics, rewards, and data-driven improvements.


    Carrot uses a technology called Telematics to help new drivers get the most from their insurance policy. “Tele-what?” you may ask. Telematics is the technology behind sending, receiving, and storing driving data from a remote source. In Carrot’s case, the source is what we call a Wingman (an on-board device that records driving behaviour).

    Other apps use Telematics, but the difference is that Carrot focuses on teaching new drivers ages 16 to 20 to start building smart habits early on, reducing accidents, and improving safety on our Alberta roads. In fact, in the UK (where Carrot was born), new driver road collisions have reduced by up to 42%.

    Connects to app on cell phone and uses your GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, etc. to track/send driving data to OCTO and then to the insurance company

    Connects to Car Bluetooth or Wingman device, no interaction with the phone during driving; Provides New Driver Scorecard

    Can be distracting for new drivers while driving Hands-free tracking
    Your mobile device must be able to collect and transfer the Collected Data; Even if you don’t have Bluetooth, Carrot equips your car with a ‘Wingman’ that records good driving quietly in the background

    Parents themselves are able to see the areas of improvement for their new driver, and can coach accordingly - and when it comes to rewarding new drivers, Carrot has that covered!

    We know teens like instant gratification, which is why Carrot has doubled down on rewarding big and fast. In addition to creating the next generation of safer, smarter drivers, enrolling with Carrot means you’re entitled to a 10% discount on an InsureMy auto policy right off the bat! Plus, by doing well on their Driver Scorecard, new drivers can get cash rewards every quarter just for being a safe driver.
     screen capture of app showing color breakdown Screen capture of the app showing My Rewards section
    In other words, these paydays can happen every 90 days and can pay up to $50 for getting a score of 8 or higher out of 10. Over a year, this means a healthy driving score can score a new driver up to $200!

    Hot potato! Talk about dangling a delicious carrot!

    You may be wondering, “But wait a minute, what will this cost me?” The folks at InsureMy plan and manage the program for everyone AND has waived the fee for active participants in the Program. Now when you review other apps in terms of rewards, here is the difference:

    New drivers usually wait 9 months to see a variable discount to their insurance policy Rewards up to $50 cash every 3 months in Alberta

    The Carrot app collects four data points while you drive:
  • Time, date, and location of your trip
  • Acceleration and speed
  • Cornering
  • Braking

    Don’t sweat it! This information is only used to create a driver scorecard that will tell us the amount you can get in cash rewards every 90 days.
US-based app that tracks and shares information with multiple insurers

Tracks and shares information with you, the insured, only. Insurers do not see the data or a driver’s score

Tracks distance traveled, time of day, places visited, highway vs. city driving, and driving distractions. Tracks time, date, and location of your trip, acceleration and speed, cornering, braking



After comparing Telematics, rewards, and data collection with other apps, you can see why driving with Carrot is a healthy choice that’s catered more specifically for Canadian new drivers rather than US or adult drivers.

And there’s a cool bonus for parents of new drivers; the app allows for a parent to be engaged as a coach to his or her child, instead of a nag.

If you are, or know of a new driver who is interested in trying out Carrot’s app features, read below on how to get started.



Carrot is as easy to use as 123:

  1. Enroll with InsureMy (plus get a 10% discount)
  2. Connect your vehicle to the Drive With Carrot App
    a. (Download it on iTunes or Google )
  3. Buckle up and start getting cash rewards for driving smart!

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