Your 5 Worst Driving Habits that your Teen could be Imitating

We’ve all got bad driving habits, but as our kids grow up and learn to drive, it’s time we nip those habits in the bud - fast! It’s also important to remember that new drivers absorb tons of information by watching your every move. You may not notice your worst driving habits, but the choices you make behind the wheel inevitably influence the young driver watching over your shoulder. So to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of habits worth noting as your new driver gets comfortable in the driver’s seat.

Drinking and Driving

You’ve heard it before but we’ll tell you again, drinking and driving is a dangerous habit. On average, one in six Canadian drivers involved in fatal car crashes is found to have alcohol in the system. New drivers also run the risk of losing their license if caught with any alcohol in their system, so having a few drinks before hitting the road could imply that drinking and driving is okay so long as you feel sober. This isn’t the case, especially for young drivers.

Not Adapting to Changing Weather Conditions

Every year when it snows, Canadian drivers need time to re-condition themselves to winter driving. If your new driver is learning to drive in changing weather conditions, it’s important to help them understand that vehicles have approximately 20% less traction on ice than on clear pavement. Slowing down and paying attention to driving conditions will encourage your new driver to understand the realities of black ice, hydroplaning and spinning out in snowy conditions.

Speeding Through an Amber Light

Ever noticed a flashing crosswalk signal and sped up in the hopes of making that green light? It’s a common habit, and highly illegal. If you’re unable to safely move through the intersection when a green light turns to amber, then it’s your responsibility to slow down and stop. New drivers can also benefit from reviewing Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving’s Study Guide: All About Traffic Lights.

Making Risky Left-Hand Turns

Sitting in traffic, waiting for that perfect moment to make a left-hand turn can feel like an eternity. But making a risky turn is also a habit many new drivers pick up on. These speedy turns can also cost you three demerit points - a heavy hit to new drivers with a Basic Class 5 GDL license. So what makes for a risky left-hand turn? shares a few pointers, such as not turning your wheels to the left before you’re ready to turn or failing to check for crossing pedestrians or cyclists.

Texting and Driving

Lastly and sadly, the infamous texting and driving habit… If you need to look up directions, respond to a text or check an email, find a safe and legal spot to pull over and park. New drivers are prone to distracted driving by nature, and adding text messages to the mix is highly dangerous. The Government of Canada is also taking action and urges everyone to encourage friends and family to give up distractions while driving.

Do these 5 habits seem obvious? They may, but you may be surprised at how common they are. So next time you’re behind the wheel, take a moment to notice your habits. Being aware of them will not only help keep you safe, but help make you an awesome teacher to your new driver. And to make things even easier, check out how Carrot improves new driver experiences by rewarding safe driving.


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