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Welcome to the Carrot blog, where we’ll give you the lowdown on things like changes to driving laws, tips for staying safe on the road, and other issues that concern new drivers.

Car maintenance was common knowledge a few decades ago, but today it has become a rare art

What are The 100 Days of Summer? The 100 Days of Summer stretch from Memorial Day to Labour Day, a period with a statistically high accident toll among new and teen drivers.

Alberta is full of opportunities for a road trip. If you haven’t experienced many road trips, now is the time to start planning one!

Distracted driving can mean whatever takes your eyes off the road, like eating, applying makeup, reading printed materials or if you’re

We often get asked, “So how is Carrot much different from other driving apps?” To which we reply with a smile, “in all the healthy ways”. We really believe in the power of the Carrot app and how it’s saving lives on the roads.

Many people view insurance costs as a necessary evil, especially new drivers who may find it more difficult to get affordable coverage due to their less established driving histories.

With Christmas around the bend and gift spending going up, knowing how you and your young driver can save money can be a breath of fresh air!

What often runs through the mind of a parent of a new driver is this: “how can I help my teen’s driving improve, so I don’t have to worry whenever he or she is behind the wheel?”

It looks like Alberta’s driving tests are getting a new look.

If you want to get good at anything, it takes practice. But driving is a different animal because it involves people’s safety. Heel and toe, shoulder check, and giving the 3-4 seconds of space for the car ahead are ways.