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Welcome to the Carrot blog, where we’ll give you the lowdown on things like changes to driving laws, tips for staying safe on the road, and other issues that concern new drivers.

We’ve entered the #Back2School season for both high school and university students. Student budgets are notorious for being tight for everything from clothes to Kraft Dinners, and especially transportation.

Are you ready for it? As we begin to creep into September and October, everyone is looking forward to Fall: mainly Pumpkin Spice Lattes or jumping around in leaves.

How is your new driver’s reaction time? Is it lightning fast or turtle slow?

Is distracted driving really that big of a deal? As new drivers, we’ve all been told not to check our phones while driving. We probably feel like it won’t hurt to take a quick look at a Snapchat while waiting for the lights to turn green.


Parents, have you ever taken driving for granted? Or considered that driving well is an essential skill?

As a parent, it’s important for your young driver to learn the rules of the road and to remain safe doing so. But sometimes, as the new driver, they don’t always like hearing it from mom or dad.

Yes, parents can embarrass - it’s just one way they express love. It could be a dad joke that makes you cringe, your mom telling her favourite childhood story of that time you took off your diaper in the grocery store, or just generally shouting your name in public.

As humans, we are all hard-wired to respond to both - the carrot and the stick. As we grow up, those influencers may transition from slurpees, ice cream or groundings, to money, prestige or reprimands from a superior.

Cash rewards for safe new drivers combined with the ultimate tool for parents to effectively coach; more than just insurance, InsureMy and Trak are leaders blazing a trail toward life-saving changes for driver safety.

The insurance industry isn’t well-known for its adoption of new technology. It’s a slow-moving beast that relies on statistics, instead of real-time data, to dole out premiums.