Carrot Man

About InsureMy

We don’t want to be your average insurance broker. And that’s why we don’t treat you like the average driver. We know that car insurance can be so expensive that it feels out of reach, especially for new drivers, so we try to make it easy to understand and affordable. 

We are InsureMy, a Calgary-based insurance broker that wanted to bring the Carrot technology to Canada so we could replicate the success Carrot had in the UK. 

When Carrot launched in the UK in 2012, they had a lofty goal: to make the road a safer place for everyone. We’re happy to say, Carrot has successfully helped reduce their new driver accidents by 42%, and 92% of their customers rated their experience as good or excellent. They’ve done pretty well for themselves; together, we think we can do even better in Canada.

But enough about us – we want to hear from you! Have a question or comment for InsureMy? Contact us